Sunday, March 11, 2018

What's the first game you remember playing?

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Hexenherz 1 hour ago#1
It was either Starglider or Hugo III: Jungle of Doom for me.
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gnomefromnome  attack for lols1 hour ago#2
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Zelda II

Still love it
BruceWayneJr 1 hour ago#4
Shinobi or Double Dragon
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Dustin1280 1 hour ago#5

Or Warlord
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Eevee-Trainer 49 minutes ago#6
Super Mario All-Stars
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Loghain 48 minutes ago#7
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Airhammy 48 minutes ago#8
DeanAuryn 47 minutes ago#9
Space Rogue
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PiOverlord 44 minutes ago#10
Either Super Mario 64 or Paper Mario.
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MabusIncarnate 42 minutes ago#11
Pong or Asteroids
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Spidey5 41 minutes ago#12
TheGrindery 40 minutes ago#13
Airhammy posted...
Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt
thronedfire2 40 minutes ago#14
Super Mario
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_MorningStar 39 minutes ago#15
LJRENEGADE 39 minutes ago#16
I got into it kinda late, the first game I played was Syphon Filter 1 on PS1. I never knew about games until I randomly saw my dad playing it once and from there I always wanted to play. My dad didn't play games before or after that though, I just happened to catch it for like the one year he played video games. iirc, he didn't even buy the PS1, someone he knew just randomly gave it to him for some reason.
BuckVanHammer 38 minutes ago#17
Combat atari, thought it sucked hard
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Solar_Crimson 37 minutes ago#18
Super Mario Bros. on NES
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Wedge Antilles 35 minutes ago#19
Either Space Invaders or Ghostbusters for the Atari. Not sure which one.
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Nomadic View  tear this gooby up34 minutes ago#20
Blaster Master (NES)
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rabbi_baby 34 minutes ago#21
Comanche: Maximum Overkill
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tainted_emerald 30 minutes ago#22
Possibly Mega Man X. I can remember getting that game with our SNES one Christmas.
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kirbymuncher  ignores me29 minutes ago#23
Zelda I

Still love it
InYourWalls1 28 minutes ago#24
Duke Nukem I believe
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giantblimpN7 28 minutes ago#25
MedeaLysistrata 26 minutes ago#26
mortal kombat
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EpicKingdom_ 26 minutes ago#27
Crash Bandicoot, Gex, Spyro, or Medevil.
TheGrindery 25 minutes ago#28
For those of you who started in the N64/PS1 era, how many earlier games do you enjoy?
FaytlessHearts 25 minutes ago#29
Pitfall on the gameboy color was the first I remember playing alone. LoZ on a floppy disc was the first memory of games though.
ProfessorKukui 23 minutes ago#30
Felix the Cat or SMB3
sauceje 20 minutes ago#31
It's a toss-up between Warcraft, Transport Tycoon or Full Throttle
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Lvaneede 10 minutes ago#32
I know it was a game on the Atari 7800, but I cant remember exactly what.
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RoboLaserGandhi 9 minutes ago#33
Goof Troop on the SNES.

Or a bunch of games like Lunar Lander and Frogger on the Commodore 64. I never really considered those full blown games.
TableFlip 8 minutes ago#34
Super Mario World
I don't even know anymore.
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AlecSkorpio 8 minutes ago#35
CarlGrimes 6 minutes ago#36
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Kajagogo 3 minutes ago#37
Probably Donkey Kong or Space Invaders...or something else for Atari.
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Skye Reynolds 2 minutes ago#38
Airhammy posted...
Super Mario Bros.
Captain_Qwark 1 minute ago#39
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