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Slowest Internet Speed you've ever used?

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RyanEsau 5 hours ago#1
So about a week 1/2 ago my family's usual internet got cut off (couldn't pay) and we ended up falling back onto our recently installed backup internet option.

It's cheap (Got cheap rate with EBT I believe. Like $5 a month) but also dirt slow as you'd expect... It was my first time using such speeds. Also first time having a data cap over my head. It was 1TB though which I think is rather generous considering that seems like a pipe dream to actually hit with such slow speeds... I would've figured a few hundred GB or so.


Paid for speed is 768 Kbps or about 96 KB/s. Didn't get much overhead in use on ethernet. Maybe like 110 KB/s at most. Upload is untold but what I got there is 38.75 KB/s albeit I never actually saw that speed in my real world usage.

All in all, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting going in. Sites weren't exactly instantaneous but loading like GameFAQs wasn't bad at all (Although I enabled AdBlock to help), it was primarily sites with alot of images/icons and such. Also couldn't do my usual 1080p video consumption, had to settle for 360-480p.

Seeing the 'Slower than 96% of the US' kinda made me curious what's the slowest some of you have used? Used something slower?
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gideond 5 hours ago#2
You must not be old enough to remember dial-up. It took longer to dial into the connection than to load a basic website. I started out back in the 28.8 kbit/s era.
wildog2006 4 hours ago#3
33.6kbps here, 56k was amazing when we got it.
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gideond 4 hours ago#4
wildog2006 posted...
33.6kbps here, 56k was amazing when we got it.

Damn right it was. And then ISP side compression hit and we were all blown away by speeds that exceeded 56k....marginally.
Black_Assassin 4 hours ago#5
My previous phone connection for roughly three years was 256kbps.
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TreGooda 4 hours ago#6
wildog2006 posted...
33.6kbps here, 56k was amazing when we got it.


Loading pictures one line at a time :)
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mucloud 4 hours ago#7
AOL...dialup back in the day.
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Arnzillazor 4 hours ago#8
gideond posted...
wildog2006 posted...
33.6kbps here, 56k was amazing when we got it.

Damn right it was. And then ISP side compression hit and we were all blown away by speeds that exceeded 56k....marginally.

This was what I experienced as well.

I remember going from 56kbps to DSL. What a drastic change.
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Vortaka 4 hours ago#9
14.4kbps... It was soon changed for a 28.8!

We had an old pc with a 2400 bits/sec modem (so about 2.4kbps?) but it was never used on the internet if I remember right... The old days...


P.S. I wonder if my brother every got his hand on a 300 bits/sec modem for his Commodore 128...
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RPGlover2 3 hours ago#10
My broadband connection was cut off once and I had no choice but to use my carrier's "unlimited" pack. Speed was 40kbps or 5KBps. Thank god I got my broadband back...
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ClunkerSlim 3 hours ago#11
gideond posted...
I started out back in the 28.8 kbit/s era.

This. I had a 56k modem but I never got that speed. On a bad day it was 16k to 28k, on the best days it was 48k.
zxxcman 3 hours ago#12
I remember when it took 30-40 minutes to download 5mb. Can't really recall using anything slower.
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LOLIAmAnAlt 3 hours ago#13
56k at home. The day we got DSL was a dream.

Mr kitty 2 hours ago#14
I think the slowest I have used is 56k.
Airship_Canon 2 hours ago#15
WaffIeElite 2 hours ago#16
Back on a 14.4 modem, my dad was such a fucking cheapskate that he wouldn't pay for the internet, because he heard you could get a free connection through shitty providers.

For a week I had to reconnect every 15 minutes because that was the login time limit, with a massive 1/4 on my screen banner at all times, and of course, bullshit speeds. Got the old "It's not so bad!" crap from him until he lost his shit trying to use it.

Then he shelled out for the shittiest normal provider, so it got marginally better.
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Killah Priest 2 hours ago#17
2400bps telnet through a bbs.
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k debonair 2 hours ago#18
wildog2006 posted...
33.6kbps here, 56k was amazing when we got it.


It only took like 8 minutes to download a 3mb mp3. I remember all the old workarounds for NetZero, so you didn't get the ad bar.
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arleas 1 hour ago#19
Worst internet speed (like actually browsing the web) I ever used was 9600 bps on a 28.8Kbps modem. I had to use 9600bps because the computer I was on at the time (Amiga 1000) wasn't able to go any faster. I didn't have an actual web browser on the machine so I dialed up to a mom & pop ISP to a Unix shell account, and from there I used lynx to browse gamefaqs (since most of what I was interested in was text it didn't matter).

9600 bps with all text still moves pretty fast though. You bypass all the stupid graphics and ads and most pages would load in 1-2 seconds. I think I was the only one who actually used lynx to access gamefaqs at the time. That period of my life lasted maybe 6 months? 

Most websites didn't work very well with lynx. Gamefaqs was one of the few. This would be back in 1996 btw.
33.6kbps when most people had 56kbps.

Started using 56kbps when most people had 256kbps.

Started using 256kbps when most people had 1mbps.

Started using 1mbps when most people had 5mbps.

Now I'm using a 35mbps.
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ArkonBlade 1 hour ago#21
Dial up back in the 90s.

I remember downloading stuff and 4-5 KB a second.

Dinosaur days of the internet.
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SkittyOnWailord 42 minutes ago#22
A few weeks ago I had a setting wrong in my router and was getting 300KbPS down and 5KbPS up for a few days.
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Tony_Biggie_Pun 39 minutes ago#23
Dialup and waiting hours for 4MB games to download
MasterGakke 30 minutes ago#24
I first got the internet in 1993 on an NEC with a 14.4 baud faxmodem. I remember when you'd start loading up a porn pic while you did something else, then came back later to do the deed. >__> <__< >__>
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-5xad0w- 3 minutes ago#25
14.4k in the 90's.

I mean, blazing fast 14.4k.
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