Saturday, August 12, 2017

Selling my dream dreamcast collection.

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ShaolinAced 1 month ago#1
I've enjoyed it. And I care about it. But I need money. 

Going to a local video game store tomorrow and hoping to see what I get. Not enough time to sell it on ebay.

I have the following games.

Cannon spike - keeping 
Project justice - keeping
Fatal fury motw - keeping
Giga wing 2 - keeping
Mars matrix - keeping
Shenmue - keeping
Skies of Arcadia - keeping

Bangai o
Jojo's bizarre adventure 
Tech romancer 
Marvel vs capcom
Marvel vs capcom 2
Elemental gimmick gear
Gunbird 2
RE2 3 and CVS
Plasma sword
Midway arcades hits vol 2
Dynamite cop
Sonic adventure and SA2
The Ring
Sword of berserk
Virtua fighter 3
Shadow man
Sega GT
Tony hawk pro skater 2
South Park rally and chefs luv shack
Dead or alive 2
Psychic force 2012
Speed Devils
Church chu rocket
Toy commander
Virtua tennis
Charge n blast
The house of the dead 2
Zombie revenge
Starr wars episode 1 racer - keeping
Starr wars jedi power battles
Web browser- lol
Capcom vs snk
Street fighter alpha 3
Street fighter 3rd strike
Street fighter 3 double impact
Starr Lancer
Aero wings
Blue stinger
Time stalkers
Evolution 1 & 2
Air Force delta
Quake 3 arena
Space channel 5
Pen pen trilcelon 
Ms Pacman
102 dalmations 
Crazy taxi 1 & 2
Chicken run
Power stone 2
Fighting force 2
Phantasy star online
Wwf royal rumble
Soul calibur - keeping
Bleamcast mgs and mgs

I've been slowly collecting for the system ever since it died. But bills need to be paid. I was going for a complete collection and like to think I was close. I hope I get something for all of these. I didn't and could not bring myself to get rid of the ones I marked keeping. So try to talk me into keeping more if I don't sell em all by the time I look back at the topic tomorrow. Love the dreamcast still. Cheers.
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Brinstar 1 month ago#2
You weren't close to a complete set, but nice to see you have your priorities straight (well as straight as they can be I guess). Hopefully they don't completely rip you off but most places don't even offer 50% of the value.
Remember, they MIGHT get the average going rate on eBay when they resell your games... they will probably give you half of that.
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Jack Torrance 1 month ago#4
Yeah, in all honesty, it's probably just best for you to hold on to all of them and try to sell on ebay in one package. People will bid.
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este914 1 month ago#5
Noooooo don't sell it! You'll regret it later. You'll get a little money now, piss it away and then not have any money OR games. Lose lose situation
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Elite 1 month ago#6
I don't think paying his bills is "pissing it away".

But I agree, I wouldn't sell them unless the value was a few thousand or more, which by what you posted, is not.

The time and effort you will put into selling them, might as well put up ads for odd jobs like painting, yard maintenance, general labour (in your spare time, I'm assuming you're already employeed).
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este914 4 weeks ago#7
Elite posted...
I don't think paying his bills is "pissing it away".

I know but it's only a short term solution for a problem that can be fixed in other ways (as you suggested above) while the Dreamcast, if taken care of will last much longer and probably provide more happiness over time.
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bultje112 4 weeks ago#8
chuchumyrocket 4 weeks ago#9
Dear god I would have given you some cash for some of those O.O
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este914 4 weeks ago#10
@ShaolinAced So what did you ultimately decide to do? Keep or sell?
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mr sniffles 4 weeks ago#11
If you happen to miss any game you end up getting rid of, a "backup" of said game is easily obtainable. 

At least, that's what I've done. It's not like I stare at the packaging while I play.
ShaolinAced 4 weeks ago#12
I got just around 1000 dollars. I do regret selling them but I did keep my favorites.
Brinstar 4 weeks ago#13
Seems like they gave you an incredible deal. Not going to price it all out but that seems like it would be close to the actual worth of this lot.
este914 4 weeks ago#14
ShaolinAced posted...
I got just around 1000 dollars. I do regret selling them but I did keep my favorites.

Nice. you can get a DC for like $30 on eBay just to play your favorites you kept
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Reyes7J 3 weeks ago#15
any more details on the trade in? are you currently happy? any games you regret trading away now? 

Also, nice job keeping skies of arcadia. GEM!!
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Pako Pako 1 week ago#16
este914 posted...
ShaolinAced posted...
I got just around 1000 dollars. I do regret selling them but I did keep my favorites.

Nice. you can get a DC for like $30 on eBay just to play your favorites you kept

Surprising they gave that much (US$ cash). Local stores tend only to give 85% value (and this was like 95/% value) for in-store credit.
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ShaolinAced 2 days ago#17
Yeah well it was all complete with no scratches on nearly every disc. That and a couple of dreamcasts and 3 controllers and two memory cards.
samxx1x 2 days ago#18
Good games to keep. I would have kept a couple more like dynamite cop and bangai-o but you can always buy some back when you have the cash.
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